Our Model

Weeks Block Model

  • We have found that athletes develop and implement changes over continual participation in previous Grass Roots Volley sessions.  Our “Weeks Block Model” intends to develop, change and enhance an athlete’s skill level over a consecutive multi-week schedule.
  • During the year there are scheduling, timing and traveling issues that can hinder a player from taking part in week long training camps.
  • Our model allows for practical time needed for study, family, social life, and school/club/recreational teams between sessions while still utilizing the ideals of a week-long intensive camp, just over a longer period of time.
  • Our model is intended to have an athlete attend a 4 session camp but have the sessions split up over a number of consecutive weeks (the number of sessions in a camp may vary).
  • Each session is designed to build on the previous session.
  • We have found that having the athlete return to us on a weekly basis is an excellent way for developing their skills and we’re all about development!
  • A one-time participant, however, is still encouraged as even one session with our skilled coaches will provide results.