“I can confidently say that Brock Davidiuk’s setting clinics have made me the setter I am today. I owe Brock and his clinics for my success and would not be where I am or achieved the things I have in volleyball without them. I believe that Brock’s clinics provide a calibre of volleyball that challenges athlete’s abilities while instilling in them a passion for the sport that is equal to his own. He has brought, and will continue to bring together an exceptional group of experienced coaches to share their wealth of knowledge of the game. These individuals also act as inspirational role models to young athletes and give them an insight on what it takes to reach the next level. I cannot say enough positive things about the work Brock has done with these clinics and strongly recommend them to any volleyball athlete.”
Mackenzie Allen
– CIS Starting Setter
– Danish Professional Player
– High School and Provincial All-Star
– ACAC and CCAA Champion and All-Star

“Considering Brock’s credentials, what was most impressive was his ability to instruct at a ‘beginners’ level. He could explain the how’s and why’s to the basic skills and give attention to each athlete. I was able to witness a significant improvement in all the athlete’s skill levels, even within one session. My daughter, now 13, is currently playing club volleyball with a passion and confidence which has evolved from the various skills camps put on by Brock and Grass Roots Volley. She looks forward to enrolling in more Grass Roots skills camps.”

“I have been going to Brock’s camps for the past five years. The amount of knowledge, enthusiasm and passion Brock has for the game is unbelievable. I find that Brock, having played the highest calibre of volleyball, has a way of tweaking minor details in your play that you, or your coaches may have overlooked. Brock is able to coach all different skill levels, each of his drills are specifically fine tuned to accommodate each individual player’s skill level. If you are looking to improve your skill level, or knowledge of volleyball, I couldn’t think of a better teacher than Brock!”
Mark Ritter
– High School/Club/Provincial Team/ACAC Player

“GRV is a great camp to go to with its top-of-the-line coaches. It’s an excellent opportunity to fine tune your skills in a more ‘one-on-one’ type situation with knowledgeable coaches that help you become a better technical player. And GRV is a place where you can become your best while hangin’ with other athletes/coaches that love volleyball as much as you do!”
Reece Dixon
– SCA High School/FOG Club/Team AB Beach Player

“I found the Grass Roots team of instructors to be extremely knowledgable, and more importantly approachable. Unlike many other camps I have attended, individual skill development seemed to be a priority. It didn’t matter how skilled we were, everyone got something out of the camp. I also found that they were truly sincere about my individual development, and I felt I did receive instruction to help me in areas that I have been working on. All sessions involved fun fast pace drills as well as a limited amount of players per session so there was always individual feedback and everyone got a lot of reps per drill. I would definitely attend another Grass Roots camp. It was competitive and the instructors made it fun for all players. I would recommend the camps to anyone who is interested in improving their individual skills and game play.”
Eddie McDonald
– 2012 U15 Alberta Winter Games gold medal team captain
– 2014 Team Alberta Outside


Volleyball Parents

“I have had two sons take part in both group and individual training sessions with Grass Roots Volley under the guidance of Brock Davidiuk and his instructors. If you are seeking to give your child increased volleyball experience and individual positional training look no further. We found the group sessions to be a big step up from the training received at school as they worked more on training the boys for a specific team position. The one on one sessions taught skills and techniques that the boys have never been exposed to before at school or at the club level of play. The instructors were current university level or National Team players so the skills being taught were at the highest level. I highly recommend their set of training sessions for anybody looking to hone their volleyball skills and take their play to a new level.”
Rod MacKenzie

“Brock’s total understanding of the game, his experience on the court and most importantly his ability to communicate, both verbally and with elite demonstration, is nothing short of brilliant.  Not only is Brock extremely technical, but he gives a very tactical approach as well.  Brock has been a great role model for our daughter and was actually the one responsible for her choosing to be a setter.  Brock took a young girl who couldn’t set and was afraid of the ball to a level where she was the starting setter who played 100% of the time.  Brock delivers the total package!”