Brock Davidiuk  (FOG Technical Director)

As a player, Brock Davidiuk always valued work ethic, passion and teamwork above all else. Committed to his sport from a young age, he preaches the same dedication and relentless practice which pushed him from being a local player in the club and school system to a National Team and Professional Player.

After graduating from UofA Brock began running position and skill specific FOG Volleyball Clinics with the goal of implementing better basics at both the beginner and advanced levels, as well as imparting the intricacies of the game he gained from playing at a level only a select few in our volleyball community get to partake in. Over the next 5 years Brock grew this FOG service whether it was himself coaching, or hiring only coaches he and FOG trusted to uphold the quality needed while away playing internationally. This service evolved into what is now Grass Roots Volley.

Brock’s Credentials

  • 3 time 4A High School Provincial Champion
  • 2 time Juvenile (18u) National Champion
  • 4 provincial team selections
  • 2 time CCAA Champion
  • CCAA Academic All-Canadian, Championship MVP, Player of the Year, Athlete of the Year
  • CIS Champion
  • CIS All-Canadian, Championship MVP
  • UofA Athlete of the Year
  • Team Canada Youth/Junior/FISU/Senior 2000-2012
  • Team Canada Captain (2009)
  • Professional Player 2007-2011
  • VC Franken Eschenbacher Volleys Bamberg, Germany (Captain)
  • CAC Volley Ales, France (Captain)
  • 2009 French Cup Champion
  • Grass Roots Volley Founder/Administrator/Head Coach 2006-present
  • UofA Assistant Coach 2011-2012
  • FOG Technical Director


Scott Mitchell (FOG Coordinator)

Scott Mitchell was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.  Scott started playing volleyball in grade 7 while attending S. Bruce Smith Junior High School.  In grade 8 Scott began playing club volleyball for NAVC.  He continued playing club volleyball for the remainder of junior high and all throughout high school.  After graduating and playing 3 years at Strathcona Composite High School he chose to join the Wolves at Grande Prairie Regional College.  After 2 seasons in the ACAC at Grande Prairie, Scott then moved on to play in the CIS for the University of Saskatchewan Huskies and won a National Title in 2004.  He used up his last three years of eligibility at U of S and then played one season for Rijmond Volley Club, a professional team in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  Scott “retired” from volleyball in 2007 and has since coached several club teams at various age groups for both males and females as well as coaching for Grass Roots Volley.

Scott currently lives in the downtown area of Edmonton.  He started a concrete company in 2007 when he finished playing volleyball and currently is a part owner and in charge of concrete operations at Blacktop Paving.  He enjoys golf, wintersports and spending time with his two dogs Vinny and Charlie.  Scott still has a strong desire to be involved in volleyball and is looking forward to having more of an impact on youth volleyball and player development in the coming future.