About Us

Grass Roots Volley is a FOG Volleyball developmental service that specializes in position and skill specific camps.

  • Our Camps are NOT limited to FOG athletes. All players from all clubs are welcome.
  • We provide very detailed and technical instruction in order to send players in the right direction as they compete on their school, club, recreational, and provincial teams.
  • The sessions of our camps are kept to a small number of participants in order to provide the individual attention needed.
  • Our coaches share both a passion for and knowledge of volleyball gained through years of PLAYING the game.  They use this experience to impart their “player feel” as well as the ever so important technical base.  Please see our Coaches tab for more information.
  • Although a one-time participant will benefit from a single session, our “Weeks Block Model” is largely based on consecutive session attendance allowing the athlete to make the gradual and sometimes uncomfortable changes necessary to take their game to the next level.
  • Grass Roots Volley is intended to be a supplemental training partner with an athlete’s volleyball season, at different times throughout the year.

Come try us out. We promise, we’ll make you better!